Previous Ages

1st Cycle Scythian dominion and birth of the gods
After Starfall Age Ascendant Race Key Events
0-700 Starfall Old Ones The Old Ones come from the sky amongst a stream of falling stars; They build the Pillars of the West, lower the seas to create the land
700-1400 Uplift Old Ones Lonely, the Old Ones teach the young mortal races many things
1400-2400 Dragon Scalykind Scythians invade Terra Obscura from the sky, driving away the Old Ones
2400-3400 Darkness Titans The Old Ones curse the Scythians, who – in their hubris – set loose the Titans into the world; uncontrollable, the mad gods hold the world in darkness for a millennium
2nd Cycle rise and fall of the elder races
After Starfall Age Ascendant Race Key Events
3400-4100 Nameless Daemons Daemons discover Necromancy through the worship of the Titans (the Old Gods) and found the Nameless Empire; their dead become Necridians, undead guardians living in Necropoli orbiting their cities
4100-4600 Silver Elves Younger Gods rise up, disgusted by the actions of the Old Gods and their servants; they create the Elves and other Sylvan races, tasking them to destroy the Nameless Empire; in the epic war that follows the Elves commit genocide in wiping out the Daemon race with their “Wild Hunts”; having failed to save their living relatives, the Necridians left behind retreat to their Necropolitan ruins in Daemonland and elsewhere to morn; Elves slide into decadence, dallying with Humans (giving rise the the Shydane) and refusing to worship the gods that made them; the Young Gods curse them, creating the Underworld where their spirits must wander once they die
4600-5100 Bronze Dwarves & the Unborn The Young Gods create the Dwarves, who in turn create the Unborn, to wage war on the Elves; this they do, driving the Elves into the cold northern woods, but they prove to like battle too much, and fall into a constant state of civil war; angered, the Young Gods make Hades, where the spirits of the violent are left to suffer
5100-5900 Flood Young Gods The Young Gods breach the dam at the Pillars of the West, flooding the Abyssal Plains to destroy the Unborn, drive the remaining Dwarves and Elves deep bellow the earth and trap the Old Gods beyond the material world
5900-6500 Heroic Nephihim The Young Gods reseal the Pillars of the West; in this cleansed world they become amorous, breeding with Humans and other mortal races; their offspring are the Nephilim, the greatest of whom settle the lands of Arcadia; afraid for their children, the Young Gods fashion Cyclops and Centaurs from bone and stone to guide and watch over them; the Young Gods separate the Elysium fields from the Abyssal Plains to be a paradise for the Nephilim spirits to wander
6500-7100 Bright Shyden The Shydane establish the Bright Empire in the east, worshiping the Old Gods in return for protection from the machinations of the Younger Ones; guidance from the Titans allows them to surpass the Daemons in mastery of dark magics, and they create many races of beastmen and monsters to serve them, allowing them to conquer much of the known world; the Arcadians halt their advance westward, but the Cyclops are driven into decline, to eventually disappear fighting the beastmen hordes in the Abyssal Plains

An Age of Iron, an Age of Suffering

After Landfall Key Events
7100-7160 Mt. Vulcan explodes, unleashing a plague of ash and fire that devastates neighboring lands, devastates crops and places a perpetual cloud – the Veil of Night – above all the lowlands (giving them their current name, the Nightlands); the highlands grow cold and dim for the rest of the Age
7160-7260 With the seeming indifference of the Young Gods, cults dedicated to the Titans spring up across Arcadia
7260-7310 Some of the Titans break free of their ancient prisons, leading a divine revolt that makes the world buckle and quake; the Young Gods are victorious, but left too weak to keep an active hand in the material world
7310-7410 A war of succession breaks out in the Bright Empire, replacing the old theocratic rule with the Black Tower Dynasty, an aristocracy more dedicated to arcane pursuits
7410-7480 A new cult,the “Preservers”, becomes exceedingly popular amongst the desperate
7480-7540 The Preserver cult is accused by the Bright Emperor as a hoax managed by Pechts seeking to harvest enough belief to manifest their own false God; Pecht and Preservers alike are persecuted throughout both Arcadia and the Bright Empire
7540-7630 Manakia, a small kingdom of Human barbarians previously of little significance, conquers Arcadia
7630-7680 The Bright Empire falls into a long period of decadence
7680-7760 Manakia struggles to lead Arcadia in a crusade against the Black Tower Dynasty and worship of the Old Gods; though they fail to actually invade the Bright Empire, they manage to purge Arcadia of most of its’ Titan cults
7760-7820 The Black Tower Dynasts invades Daemonland and conquers it without conflict thanks to the kingdom being in disarray when their King Bosonovo is found missing

Age of a hundred kingdoms

7820-7825 Kale of Manakia strikes out from Arcadia to conquer the Bright Empire and liberate Daemonland
7825-7830 The newly established Manakian Empire falls into civil war with Empress Kale’s death; Splinter Kingdoms form across what remains
7830-7831 Strange monsters break through the Veil of Night to cause havoc amongst the Splinter Kingdoms
7831-7836 Beastmen and Cyclopian warbands invade from the Nightland, conquering several of the Splintered Kingdoms; Minotaurs establish Minosa to the West
7836-7838 Scythians war with the Elves far to the north, driving several tribes southward
7838-7841 Other Splinter Kingdoms are scandalized by the sibling marriage of the new rulers of Daemonland and their embracing of other Daemon practices; rumors of Necridians adopting Humans to replenish their numbers cerculate
7841-7846 Elven tribes ravage Arcadia’s northern settlements
7847 Current Year


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